4 Reasons Why Buying Quality

Infrared Screening Equipment is CRITICAL

EMPLOYEE /CUSTOMER CONFIDENCE & A CARING COMPANY:  Providing company employees a sense of security and help them feel better about returning to work. Offers customers a safer place to enter and shop. It also shows that the company is operated by owners that care and KNOW the value that employees and customers bring to their businesses.

MADE IN THE USA:  Your equipment is assembled and calibrated by hand in Beaumont, Texas. What does that mean to you? Assistance when and if you need it. A service specialist will help you set up your new equipment & train your staff. We also have online and in-house technical support. Peace of mind that your equipment is made by a company at the forefront of infrared innovation since our founding in 1995 by an United States veteran.

MITIGATE LAWSUITS:  Help mitigate the damages from potential lawsuits from employees and visitors who enter the company’s buildings and get infected by the COVID-19 virus. Stay clear of buying cheap COVID-MADE IR equipment. Question to ask your COVID team. How long has the company been working with temperature screening? Was the company just selling infrared cameras for military or other usage? Knowing you have the best IR equipment on the market will help to set your mind at ease.


APPROVED FULLY INTEGRATED SCREENING SYSTEM:  You have the assurance of registered MEDICAL GRADE FDA 510(k) clearance equipment and a company that has had hands-on experience with TRUE temperature  measurement for 20 years, beginning way back with the SARS outbreak in 2002. You are truly in good hands with amazing tech and customer support.





"Our goal is to assist in opening our county by providing businesses with highly accurate, point-of-entry temperature screening systems."

Free from prying eyes. Made in the USA.

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