2. Key Elements

Key Elements Needed in A Complete Screening System


To accomplish temperature screening correctly, you need:

  • accuracy and sensitivity. Your thermal system should be extremely accurate to ensure maximum safety in your facility. Our cameras have the lowest margin of error at ± 0.1 to 0.3°C. One degree of error can make a critical difference in whether a person has an elevated temperature or not.

  • a reliable thermal imaging camera.  Infrared cameras and thermal imaging systems don’t actually measure temperature — they measure the radiated energy from the first 1/1000 of an inch of a surface, in this case the subject’s skin. The radiant energy is then converted into an electronic signal that produces a thermal image with temperature calculations.

  • integrated software for monitoring and translating the information. ​The temperatures obtained from the inner canthus of the eyes are translated to an estimated body temperature via the device software and an indication of the subject’s body temperature is displayed to the user.

  • integrated blackbody or temperature resource in the image.  A blackbody (also known as an external reference temperature source) is a calibrated temperature source used in the background of the temperature screening area. The blackbody is included with the thermographic screening system for thermal drift compensation. Having a known temperature reference in the frame with the subject being screened allows the device to self-correct for drift in temperature measurements in between calibration intervals.

  • and a repeatable procedure that works correctly.  We at ICI have been using infrared temperature screening for about 20 years starting with the SARS outbreak in 2002, then the H1N1 virus and all the way to now, with COVID-19. We know temperature screening and know the correct steps from setting up a system to monitoring it. Making the right IR choice to go with industry leaders will certainly make the managing team happy.

SPEED:  The speed that your thermal system scans patrons ensures your business activities don’t slow down. Only 1 second per person needed for high accuracy.


Temperature Reference

The ICI supplied blackbody temperature reference must be used for accurate temperature assessments.