Temperature Check
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This handheld is not an accurate way to screen.
-It's not safe for the screener being face-to-face with them.
-It's is very time consuming. 5-10 seconds per person.
FDA 510(k) Clearance for accuracy & sensitivity is key!
-The system can be manned or a stand-alone unit.
-It is capable of accurately screening 1 person per second.

Did you know, only a few elevated skin monitoring systems are recognized by the FDA? Infrared Cameras, Inc is the leader!

Online Averages



<95.0 °F (35.0°C)

Normal: 97.5 – 99°F (36.4–37.2 °C)

Fever: >100 - 100.9°F (37.5 - 37.8°C)


Our average core body temperature has changed over the past 150 years.


Choose 1 detector or up to 300,000 detectors.

Simply put, a forehead thermometer or temporal thermometer uses a single detector to calculate huge variables. Hence, inconsistent and inaccurate data. Unfortunately, this has greatly reduced the general publics faith in temperature screening. But there is a better way!


This you can believe, commercial or medical grade thermal cameras  have 76,000 to 300,000+ detectors collecting radiant data for a quantitative outcome. Hence, a highly accurate radiant temperature measurement. Our systems can and has proven to show if someone is fighting an illness. 

The top 3 symptoms of COVID-19 as per the CDC:




Our goal is to educate the general public as to why our country needs true, high caliber, made in the USA temperature screening systems over cheaper options. You can slow the spread with products that work!


Educate yourself on infrared elevated skin monitoring systems and the differences in between quality, accuracy and sensitivity. Know the correct way to set up a system. We are constantly updating our site with new information. 


We are here to guide you through every step. Contact us with question on our products.

What's the Next Step?

1. Be ready for future regulations. Have an accurate and reliable screening station in place when our country opens its doors to the new norm. Stay ahead of the COVID-19 curve by buying a quality, medical grade infrared temperature screening system to add  another layer of protection to your investments. 


2.  4 questions will determine the screening system you need.

  • Do you plan to man the station or will it be unmanned?

  • If a person fails the screening, will you need to know who they are?

  • What is your ambient environment? Fairly stable or unstable?

  • What distance will the subject be away from the camera when being screened?

  • ​Other determining questions may help.

    • How many people will be going through your doors a day? 1-100, 2000+

    • How many points of entry will be used for screening?

    • Will your security system need to tie into the infrared system for clearance?

    • Do you need a printed badges with clearance proof?

3. Make the right decision for now and the future of your business. CONTACT US today.

Rest assured you will be taken care of by, Infrared Imaging Solutions, LLC, from our initial contact to servicing your infrared needs. Contacting us through this website will ensure that you have a local representative immediately at your service.

COVID-19! If we stop one person with an elevated temperature from going into a workplace, then we stop the spread from this one person to their co-workers. This saves you $1000's if not tens of thousands of dollars (>$10,000) in sick pay per year. Choose an infrared camera built for accuracy & sensitivity.

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