Mass Gathering Entry Solution for Public Safety


Safety for Mass Gatherings

As our society begins to open for larger group gatherings, including sporting & religious events, weddings, conventions and concerts, locations will still be requiring risk mitigation for their safety as well as others. Coronavirus will be around let's all avoid a Phase 4!

Add an essential layer of protection for your actors on set, employees at work, and guests or attendees during your upcoming event or gathering.

Other locations that need fever screening: Airports -  Ports - Ferry Terminals - Gaming Rooms - Libraries - Training Facilities - Convalescent Homes - Senior Centers - Corporate Offices - Factories - Warehouses - Hospitals - Prisons - Community Centers - Shopping Malls - Grocery Stores - Sporting Centers - Gyms -  Schools - Colleges - Universities - Churches - Religious Venues - Military Facilities - Government Facilities - Constructions Sites - Conferences - Expos - Tradeshows - Theaters - Concerts - Meeting Halls - All large gatherings of people for conferences or meetings in public places.

Highly Recommended Secondary Station

Any elevated body temperatures measured by the system should discretely head to a secondary screening area to be confirmed with a NCIT or clinical grade contact thermometer. It is important to understand that skin temperature does not solely depend on body-core temperature and can be affected by other physiological and environmental factors (example – sunburn) Again, this is another reason to have a secondary screening area.

When we stop one person with an elevated temperature, we see beyond just stopping the spread of COVID-19. We see mitigating unforeseen litigations when someone enters a facility without any sort of screening and there happens to be an outbreak at your event. 

Why is my temperature 97.7°F(36.5°C)?

Well, 98.6°F is a 150 year old internal body measurement. The new normal is now,  averages 97-98°F. Some reasoning: Studies have shown that over years our metabolism has slowed down. Better healthcare system. Widespread use of  heating and cooling. And other possibilities.

The CDC considers a fever to be 100.4°F (38°C).

What is On-Site Fever Screening Service?

  • We set up our fever screening system and scan for people with temperatures of 100°F or higher.

  • We work with the coordinators to create a point-of-entry for all attendees.

  • We help to create a safer mass gathering environment.

  • We add an essential feeling of protection.

  • We can screen 50 individuals to 50,000 guests or attendees.

  • We can quickly and accurately screening up to 2,000+/- people per hour, per infrared screening system.

  • We suggest multiple systems and points-of-entry is for 10,000 plus attendees.

  • We attempt to follow ISO/TR 13154:2017 and IEC 80601-2-59:2017 safety suggestions and guidelines when possible. This can help you mitigate any issue that may arise due to your gathering.

  • Our team leaders have gone through multiple COVID-19 related training courses. ​The World Health Organization, COVID-19 Supervisor Training, and others as they come available.

  • We are Certified Level II Infrared Thermographers with years of experience in infrared analysis.


Call to discuss how to add an essential layer of protection for your attendees at your upcoming event.

An instance we protected 200+ attendees.

Feb. 15, 2021 -

We just protected hundreds of people from 1 person with a fever of 100.5°F. She was  stopped at the door! She mentioned, she knew she had a temperature. That is what we do, stop the possible spread of transmissible diseases!

This photo was manipulated with a heater to show how the screen looks when it is trigger is set to trip with a temperature of 100°F +.

What we provide per point-of-entry.

  • Excellent customer service.

  • Trained infrared thermographers that have also been trained in COVID-19 safety.

  • We suggest at least 1 hour set up prior to your event. A fee will be assessed if more setup lead time is necessary.

  • 1 fully integrated screening system. The infrared temperature screening camera, a controlled temperature source, and integrated skin monitoring software.

  • Each camera system has no less than 76,800 detectors. Sensitivity,  accuracy and 510{k} Clearance is what we have over all other systems.

  • We will schedule a time to go over the best point-of-entry for the screening.

  • We have hourly, daily and on-going rates available.

Forehead thermometers are not accurate.

Educating the public on the safety differences of infrared thermal screening over the temporal thermometer, is just one step to slowing the spread of seasonal viruses and Coronavirus.


First, an infrared camera does not emit radiation but the camera receives infrared radiated energy data that is emitted by everything above absolute zero. 


Second, the best external temperatures are obtained from the inner canthus of the eyes (pictured above) they are translated to an estimated body temperature via the device software and an indication of the subject’s body temperature is displayed to the user.

Third, a good infrared camera has a minimum of 76,800 detectors compared to the forehead handheld thermometers that have one (1) detector.


Just as you use masks, hand washing, gloves, disinfecting work spaces and other safety protocols to protect individuals, infrared temperature screening, though it is not a cure, it is an essential added level of protection against the spread of contagious diseases for those planning to attend a gathering of any size.

We use only medical grade infrared systems with integrated software that, when combined, are highly accurate and sensitive. We see it as an essential way of saving lives, when implemented correctly.


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"We provide highly accurate and sensitive, point-of-entry temperature screening systems for purchase as well as an on-site fever screening service."

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