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Let's start with SUPER SPREADERS...             


...sure, you can argue that COVID-19 spread due to asymptomatic carriers entering high traffic locations. But a majority would have had shown some symptoms as the pandemic spread. Accurate infrared fever screening systems could have stopped 1 person from spreading it to 100's of people. Why was this not implemented, was there a reason?

As of today 17,974,303 people in the US have COVID-19 and there has been 318,569 DEATHS. In the last 7 days there has been 1,511,370 new cases and 1,725 deaths.


The United States could of had a totally different outcome if only correct and accurate temperature screening was implemented at the beginning of this pandemic?

The length of time it took the general public to get onboard with wearing masks, and  social distancing with no precise or accurate fever screening was the major reason for the spread. Obviously, vaccines were not a part of the equation during this time.


So what happened to stopping individuals that displayed elevated temperatures before entering facilities and high traffic areas? Why was that not a part of the mandates? Well it was, sort of, but it was not implemented as a crucial factor in slowing the spread of viruses, so the cheapest methods were administered and ultimately proved to be unreliable. Because hospitals and other major businesses used these handheld thermometers, people just assumed that they were safe and that they worked. So they started trusting them and using them at their businesses. When in truth, not all temperature screening equipment are created equal. Learn more at "Why it Matters!"

The problem is that locations did not implement screening of any sort or they used low accuracy handheld thermometers that were not catching people with elevated temperatures. The virus was being allowed to enter our hospitals, long-term care facilities, workplaces, school, stores, restaurants, even football fields. When in fact, with no screening or improper temperature screening, the virus is still allowed to enter & spread.

Why is COVID-19 entering these locations? First off there is a lack of temperature screening education.  And the governments focus is on strongly urging people to wear masks and to obey social distancing guidelines in good faith. When in fact, your high traffic areas with effective temperature screening plus masks and social distancing can be controlled and maintained at the point-of-entry. This way your employees or customers can make the choice on their own terms whether or not to enter these locations and facilities that have this added level of protection.

We believe the reason to be that our government officials decided that working to educate the public on masks, social distancing, handwashing and now vaccines are the most important things that people in the US could do to slow the spread. They also said that 75% of the population of the US would need to take the vaccine to stop the spread....hum. We just need all available safeguards enacted until the spread has stopped.


You may have also heard that temperature screening isn't effective for COVID-19 screening because of high ranking health officials making inaccurate statements concerning this issue. Their assumption being that all temperature measurement equipment is categorically the same based on their limited experience with inadequate technology. Deeming that it doesn't work and honestly, this is true for most handheld scanners. But this is not true for infrared cameras with FPA sensors and other high end detectors.

Understanding that it takes anywhere from 2-7 days to show symptoms. Temperature screening will only determine if a person has an elevated temperature, meaning that this person could be fighting a virus not that they are or that they have COVID-19 for that matter. But this is where we (you) make the determination of sending this person home or have them, discretely, go to a secondary screening for a clinical evaluation with an NCIT or clinical grade contact thermometer (not a forehead scanner). Now you may have just SAVED lives!

What must be done?

Tip #1: Government official, business owners, hospitals directors, school superintendents need to assume that ever single person is a SUPER SPREADER! Temperature screening must be as important as masks! Stations should be at high-traffic entrances of large box stores, grocery stores, airports, employee entrances, utility building, government offices, assisted living communities, schools and especially medical centers and hospitals. Be ahead of the curve and get your system up and running before we try again to start re-opening our country.

Tip #2:  Reduce the points-of-entry to 1 or 2 locations to have higher control of people entering and exiting your facility. If a person fails a screening you can have them, discretely, go to a secondary screening for a clinical evaluation with an NCIT or clinical grade contact thermometer (not a forehead scanner), or choose to leave. Now you may have just SAVED lives!

Tip #3: Running your business during a pandemic, means you need to implement all safeguards available. Effective and accurate elevated temperature screening with trained operators, reinforced by mask wearing,  social distancing, cleaning/disinfecting and vaccines for those that are willing to get it, as well as other safety precautions. Together we can truly slow the spread of viruses.

This type of infrared screening system is high-end technology and is necessary to help in stopping the spread of COVID-19. So what do you need to do? The first is simply, education, the second is choosing the right equipment and the third is to email Infrared Imaging Solutions for a brochure.

Remember, this temperature screening solution is NOT only used for COVID-19 screening but can also save $10,000's in sick pay for each flu season. 

It is a viable options for stopping super spreaders.


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