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*Try our service before you buying screening  equipment for your business. Hire our team when you are ready to open your doors to the public. If after our service you choose to buy a system, up to two hours of paid on-site service will be deducted from your overall purchase price. We can coordinate services for one or multiple locations across the country. That means no matter where your business operates, we can help you protect your gathering. Note of importance, we must follow strict ISO/TR 13154:2017 and IEC 80601-2-59:2017 guidelines to help you mitigate damages. Without temperature screening as an added level of security, you could fall within a higher risk of litigation.



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  • Reduced risk of infection to your students, patrons, workforce, or attendees

  • Deterrent to people who are not following self quarantine advice

  • Reassurance for other patrons and staff

  • Removal of decision making and exposure risk from your staff and supervisors

  • Hospital grade infrared temperature screening system made with the highest accuracy and sensitivity

  • Experienced and certified infrared thermographers trained in temperature screening

  • Team equipped and trained in standard exposure risks and PPE



While temperature readings do not correlate specifically with COVID-19 diagnosis (as other medical conditions can also present with fever, such as pneumonia, flu, etc.), they do provide valuable, objective data on a critical symptom of COVID-19 (fever).

We are here to help planners, employers, educators to limit the risk of exposure and transmission of a virus. This is yet another way to show you have thought out and planned every possible way to protect your attendees, workers, students and guests. And possibly mitigate damages by going above and beyond what is expected for such an event.



  • Airports -  Ports - Ferry Terminals

  • Gaming Rooms - Libraries - Training Facilities 

  • Convalescent Homes - Senior Centers

  • Corporate Offices - Factories - Warehouses

  • Hospitals - Prisons - Community Centers

  • Shopping Malls - Grocery Stores

  • Sporting Centers - Gyms - 

  • Schools - Community Colleges - Universities

  • Churches - Religious Venues

  • Military Facilities - Government Facilities

  • Constructions Sites

  • Conferences - Expos - Tradeshows

  • Theaters - Concerts - Meeting Halls

  • All large gatherings of people for conferences or meetings in public places.


Green means pass and continue through.

Simple read out on whether an employee, student or customers has passed the temperature screening entry point. PASS is a green circle with a white check mark.


Red means discretely
go to a secondary screening.

A red circle with a white X mark indicates that the person has a higher than normal temperature and may be fighting a virus.


Are you looking for elevated body temperature (EBT) screening solutions? We can partner with you to incorporate EBT into your safety protocol.

Introducing Viper EBT Systems: As a means of helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19, this device identifies EBT which could be indicative of a fever - a symptom of viral infection.

  • Highly accurate measurement

  • Designed by thermal experts

  • Quick setup

  • Automated system





choose Celsius or

Fahrenheit & From 3 PALETTEs

This is what our temperature screening software looks like on a monitor. It is easy to spot if an employee or customer has an elevated temperature. From this video captured, you can't see the software settings page that the adjustments were made in.


I was setting the alarm to trigger at a specific skin temperature reading. Since I have a average reading of 97.5° through this software, I set it to trip at 97.0°. The software's default trigger is set at 99.5 for a fever or somewhere just below what the CDC's considers a fever.

This software has a 12 point algorithm to determine an average internal body temperature.  If a person is exhibiting an elevated temperature, its better to be safe and discretely send that person to a secondary screening with an NCIT or clinical grade contact thermometer and not a forehead scanner.


This is a highly sensitivity and accurate infrared camera and when coupled with amazing software and a reference source you will have the next best thing to a wearing a mask, social distancing, and handwashing.

"We provide highly accurate and sensitive, point-of-entry temperature screening systems for purchase as well as an on-site fever screening service."

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