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I am an official distributor for Infrared Cameras, Inc. I am a certified level II infrared thermographer. The infrared industry has been my passion for over 20 years. I have worked as a certified thermographer in electrical and mechanical applications including paper mills, hotels, hospitals, cruise ships and in the office as operations manager, customer service, sales and marketing.

I love educating and helping businesses understand the critical components needed when choosing their perfect temperature screening system. In 4 easy questions I can get you into your perfect system. We are all working to keep our school age children, essential workers & those we love, SAFE!

Although I can assist you nationwide, my target area is my childhood home state of Hawaii, the West Coast and where I currently reside, here in the Pacific Northwest. 

Call or email me. I would love to come out and demo a fever screening unit for you.


Brecky Iulani Bihary

1982 Agema 470
This was a heavy infrared 

Remember, choose your system wisely, choose once!

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