Hi, I’m Brecky.

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I am an official distributor for Infrared Cameras, Inc. I am a certified level II infrared thermographer. The infrared industry has been my passion for over 20 years. I have worked as a certified thermographer in electrical and mechanical applications including paper mills, hotels, hospitals, cruise ships and in the office as operations manager, customer service, sales and marketing.

I love educating and helping businesses understand the critical components needed when choosing their perfect temperature screening system. In 4 easy questions I can get you into your perfect system. We are all working to keep our school age children, essential workers & those we love, SAFE!

Although I can assist you nationwide, my target area is my childhood home state of Hawaii, the West Coast and where I currently reside, here in the Pacific Northwest. 

Call or email me. I would love to come out and demo a fever screening unit for you.

Veteran Owned, U.S. Navy veteran, Gary Strahan, has owned and operated ICI since 1995 providing American jobs in Beaumont, Texas and across America. 


We know thermography. We are innovators. Trusted and tested since 1995, we develop unprecedented technology to provide the very best thermal cameras and infrared systems.

Our mission is to develop and manufacture the most sensitive, accurate, and competitively priced infrared cameras in the world.

Our products revolutionize work across a vast number of settings and professions. We develop top of the line solutions for the following industries and more:

     *Aerial      *Medical      *Industrial      *Electrical     *Agricultural      *Process Control

Here is an important note. We at Infrared Cameras, Inc have been using infrared TEMPERATURE SCREENING for about 20 years starting with the SARS outbreak in 2002, the the H1N1 virus and all the way to now, with COVID-19.

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"Our goal is to assist in opening our county by providing businesses with highly accurate, point-of-entry temperature screening systems."

Free from prying eyes. Made in the USA.

Brecky Iulani Bihary | 217 South 1st Street | Mount Vernon, WA 98273 | info@infraredimagingsolutions.com  206-590-6655