Vaccines, just as temperature screening, will slow the spread of COVID-19.  But it will continuously take all available resources to stop it!

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Temperature Screening Made for

Simplicity, Safety and Accuracy.


Green means pass and continue


Simple read out on whether an employee, student or customers has passed the temperature screening entry point. PASS is a green circle with a white check mark.


Red means discretely
go to a secondary screening.

A red circle with a white X mark indicates that the person has a higher than normal temperature and may be fighting a virus.


Are you searching for a fever screening system?

Will it have all necessary components

to stand up to the toughest scrutiny?

We can help.

choose Celsius or

Fahrenheit & From 3 PALETTEs

This is what our temperature screening software looks like on a monitor. It is easy to spot if an employee or customer has an elevated temperature. From this video captured, you can't see the software settings page that the adjustments were made in.


I was setting the alarm to trigger at a specific skin temperature reading. Since I have a average reading of 97.5° through this software, I set it to trip at 97.0°. The software's default trigger is set at 99.5 for a fever or somewhere just below what the CDC's considers a fever.

This software has a 12 point algorithm to determine an average internal body temperature.  If a person is exhibiting an elevated temperature, its better to be safe and discretely send that person to a secondary screening with an NCIT or clinical grade contact thermometer and not a forehead scanner.


This is a highly sensitivity and accurate infrared camera and when coupled with amazing software and a reference source you will have the next best thing to a wearing a mask, social distancing, and handwashing.

"Our goal is to assist in opening our county by providing businesses with highly accurate, point-of-entry temperature screening systems."

Free from prying eyes. Made in the USA.

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