Actual infrared thermogram of an eye in grey scale.

Feb. 15, 2021 - We just protected hundreds of people from 1 person with a fever of 100.5°F.
She was stopped at the door!
She mentioned, she knew she had a temperature. That is what we do, stop the possible spread of transmissible diseases!

Onsite fever screening services for mass gatherings or locations requiring risk mitigation for the spread of transmissible diseases including COVID-19.

We use only medical grade equipment.

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Judge and Gavel

Protect Against Liability Lawsuits:

The Wall Street Journal calls it, “A tsunami of COVID-19 litigations,” as employees claim companies don’t do enough to protect them. Invest in a comprehensive strategy to measure & contain bio-risk across your offices, factories and distribution centers.

"We provide highly accurate and sensitive, point-of-entry temperature screening systems for purchase as well as an on-site fever screening service."

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